East Van YU

Needs List

Below is a list of items needed to help run our ministries:

For the Office

1.  Large Filing Cabinet
2.  Brochure Holder (With lots of slots)
3.  Bookshelf(ves)

For our Work Life Program

1.  Sun Screen
2.  Socks
3.  Toques
4.  UV Safety Glasses
5.  Workboots

For our Street Life Program

1.  Giftcards: Gas, McDonalds, White Spot, Grocery Stores
2.  Flatscreen TV
3.  Clothing –socks, toques, gloves, etc
4.  XBox Games
5. Graphic Design Work (for Vehicle Wrap)

For our Creative Life Program

1. Art Supplies


Please contact eastvan@youthunlimted.com if you are able to help out with any of these.