East Van YU

Work Life

The goal of the Work Life project is to see youth who are facing the challenges of homelessness, poverty, addiction and exploitation become healthy contributing members of their society. We will do this by helping youth move from street culture to non-street culture through meaningful work, education, and mentorship.


- a six month job readiness program with a combination of paid employment, skill development and mentorship.
- 15 hours of weekly paid employment with Mission Possible’s maintenance company.
- 10 hours of skill development classes through Mission Possible and Work Life’s WoRC (Work Readiness Course).
- Bi-weekly meetings around goal-setting and follow-up.


- For East Vancouver youth aged 16- 25 facing the challenges of homelessness, poverty and addiction.
- Youth who have been referred by a stakeholder
- Show a spark of motivation to make life changes


study conducted by the International Labour Organization shows that more youth today are unemployed than ever throughout history, especially those in developed economies. With nearly 75 million unemployed youth worldwide, what is particularly worrisome is the disproportionate amount of youth who are both unemployed, and not in school. This carries implications for our youth of today, as well as for our children of the future. One report  shows that the child poverty rate in 2000 was 2 times higher for families with a parent who hadn’t completed a secondary/vocational education than those with a parent who had, and the child poverty rate was 5 times higher for families with a parent who completed a university or college education than those who hadn’t completed a secondary/vocational education.

Youth Unlimited and WorldVision Canada recognize the significant challenges that Vancouver’s youth face who are neither in school or working, and have experienced the challenges of homelessness, poverty, addiction, and exploitation, so we have started Work Life to meet the needs of these youth. By providing a low barrier, development-based, work training program, youth in Vancouver are gaining the skills and certifications necessary to gain meaningful employment. By creating jobs for youth, we are simultaneously meeting a felt need in the community for work and education while also providing an outlet for youth to experience belonging and purpose through work.

How can I be involved?

- Financial support
- Volunteer to be a mentor
- Refer youth to program


- World Vision Canadian Programs is our lead partner. They have been instrumental in providing structure, and resources for Work Life.
- Mission Possible is our partner on the ground providing the employment opportunities and supervision to all of our participants.
- YOU! Contact us today and see how we can partner with each other.


Jordan Berrner at jordan@youthunlimited.com